Thursday, October 20, 2011

Who Gives A CLUCK?!?!?! my life has changed in such a short period of time. Something that started out as a homeschooling project has thrown me into the center of something huge. The lesson that just KEEPS ON GIVING!!! LOL I may be learning WAYYYYYYYY more then I bargained for. For anyone who may be following my blog or my endless updates on facebook you are aware my Backyard chickens have ruffled more then a few feathers. They did get a temporary stay but they are back on the chopping block. We only have until October 31st to remove them or I've been notified that I will be officially charged. With many internal battles I have decided to stand my ground. I have not been presented with ONE single rock solid reason for having to get rid of them. The absolute ridiculous notion that my 7 hens might somehow hurt the farmers "trying to make a living" is far reaching for a valid reason.

This proposal was never taken seriously. Council had their minds made up before we ever entered into talks. I was very disappointed at how the first meeting was handled with behaviour like rooster crowing and chicken jokes made by our very own council members. Not very professional or adult like. THESE are the elected officials that we are supposed to entrust our decision making to?? The very people who are sitting in council chambers mocking and belittling citizens who come to them with an issue?? This does NOT lay down the foundation for a 'trusting relationship'. Elected Officials (not just in our municipality but Nationwide) need to realize that contrary to popular belief, 'the people' have a voice EVERY DAY....not just on election day.

People have rights. Food and food choice is part of a standard of living and is a universal human right. I am simply asking for the basic human right to raise my own food on a small scale. Naysayers all sing the EXACT same tune. Their opinions are only formed on fear and ignorance. Fear of the unknown and change.....and ignorance of the FACTS. The very first concerns of noise...smell...and health concerns can all be resolved by three little words............


As with any pet the owner has to be responsible. If my dog is noisy or being a nuisance, she is scolded and brought inside. If she poops, we clean it up. If she is sick, we get her medical help. So now that all of the initial concerns have been dealt with.....what are the next set of concerns?? Ya date, I've not had one person have any other concerns. ANNNNNNNND should someone have concerns, bring it to me. I am not unapproachable. More then likely the concern can be dealt with amicably and to the satisfaction of all parties concerned. What I do not like is....being told what to do without a just and reasonable rationale behind it AND nosy naysayers who think that their rights are more important then mine. BUT....I think everyone already came to that conclusion. LOLOLOL

On an UBER POSITIVE note......
I am overwhelmed by the support I've been receiving from friends and strangers a like. Since making my stand I have been interviewed by reporters from both newspapers and TV stations who are "baffled" by the "unfounded decision". I have been invited to join the Canadian Liberated Urban Chicken Klub that originated in Calgary AND asked to attend the 2011 Bring Food Home Conference....connecting those individuals and organizations who are working towards a sustainable food system. I can't even explain the many feelings that are running through me right now. Give it time tho.....I'm never at a loss for words for long!!!