Monday, September 5, 2011

The Cancer Society and Why I Don't Support Their Cause......

As the title states I'm not a huge supporter of the Canadian Cancer Society. That being said, I can usually be guilted into donating my hard earned money. Trust me....I've received many boo's and hisses and down right dirty looks for my opinion but....MEH, I'm use to it. If you know anything about me you know I've never been ORTHODOX to say the least. So, once again I was out shopping and nailed the minute I got into the store to donate money to this WORTHY CAUSE. I gave my daughter money to donate because I'm not one to force my opinions on even my children but declined for myself. However huge guilt came over me when I saw the woman who was asking for my support get very emotional when I explained I'm not a supporter of the Cancer Society. UGH...I hate that. So, I dug a little deeper and mustered up change as I rarely carry cash on my person.

I took this opportunity to explain WHY I don't support this cause. I could tell my info was going in one ear and out the other and she just wanted me to give up my money but perhaps some day the words I spoke will come back to her. If you've actually made it this far into my note then I'll assume you are a true friend and know I'm not some cold hearted b**ch who just doesn't like giving up her money. On the contrary. I will give whole heartedly to most causes that I don't think are fraudulent. My whole family are huge supporters of anything that helps make this world a better place. Sadly my own Father was a supporter of the Cancer Society.....we didn't discuss it much. My words fell on deaf ears most times anyways and were wrote off as one of Kelly's notions.

While I commend the Cancer society for their efforts and their work and their help provided to the Cancer patients....they do this based on a huge LIE!!! First they claim a portion of their money goes to Cancer Research. LIE. Why are they still researching when there is Cancer Cures already out there. I can name 2 well known Institutes that have cured hundreds of thousands of patients of their Cancer long after the medical establishment gave up on them and told them to go home to die. NICE. I know of a well known supplement that has cured Cancer at a success rate much larger then Orthodox medicine. It's success rate was so high that Doctor's from the medical community tried to BUY the recipe for a million dollars from the maker and when all attempts failed they made it so she couldn't operate her clinic.

So, I ask.....why are we pouring our hard earned money into a Society that doesn't follow up on ALL CURES?? I'll tell you why.....Cancer among most diseases makes them too much money. We already KNOW these Alternative Institutes are there and are curing people everyday.....what if we poured our funds into more research for them?? People sneer at Natural Health cures and the first thing they say is......where's your proof?? You mean aside from the hundreds of thousands of cured patients??? Well Rene Caisse had documented proof galour but she still found herself in COURT trying to fight for her rights to help people. Right here in Bracebridge CANADA....Cancer was being cured as far back as the 1920's. Maybe instead of naysayers bashing such cures, if they actually supported them, we might have ourselves more cures for most diseases. What is more important......finding a cure or being a right fighter no matter what course of action that involves??? Pull your head out of that postierior orifice of yours and stop being so gullible.

So what's the next step?? Instead of possibly looking into the natural therapies people go to great lengths to prove that these therapies are not always successful. And....they are right. However, does Orthodox medicine have a 100% success rate?? Hell no. So why is it people will overlook that FACT and dismiss Alternative therapies as bunk because they don't have a 100% success rate?? This baffles me. I know many people, some in my family, who took round after round of radiation and chemo and still were met with a disastrous deadly results. These same people were given endless studies (by me) of Natural Cures and Clinics to research or better yet....go to. Did they try any of those options??? Nope...nadda. What were they afraid of?? If nothing else......use these alternative therapies in conjunction with the orthodox route. The worst that will happen is....your immune system and body will be supported while you inject those poisons into your body.

It's time for people to stop listening solely to the all mighty medical community and to start using their own brains.....the information is out there!!!

Here is the video's from the seventies that tell part of the story. There are links to louder version of the video if these ones are too quiet (

Part 1 --
Part 2 --
Part 3 --
Part 4 --

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