Friday, December 9, 2011

What Came First?? The Chicken or the Bylaw??

So, here I am still playing "chicken" with Trent Hills Town Council. Our deadlines came and went and the only thing laid....was eggs. No charges. However last Monday (Dec 5th) we received a letter from a Belleville Barrister informing us that Trent Hills had retained them and has instructed them to commence with Provincial Offences Court IF my 'girls' are not removed by December 12th. Well MERRY CHRISTMAS to you. Oh geeeeeeez......apparently you can't say that anymore either. I wonder if a bylaw will be concocted to enforce that as well??? That's a whole nuther rant!!!! Knowing full well that my deadline was fast approaching I've gone about my regular routine because I have no intention of caving. I do not do well with being threatened and will stand my ground.

So, like most days my phone rang with someone on the other end wanting to talk chicken talk with me. THIS particular phone call was VERY DIFFERENT. I had submitted an application to the Canadian Constitutional Foundation in hopes of drumming up some help in the legal end of things. I am still trying to contain myself. I know this is not a for sure thing but man oh I STOKED. I still have to go before a board of directors and a board of members but this organization is interested in taking on my case. These are the same people who represent the Raw Milk guy Micheal Schmidt. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO.

So aside from shaming them publicly I may have a chance at beating them LEGALLY as well!!! I do not go a single day without someone in our town voicing words of support for what we're doing. Of course that means have an organization who defneds the constitutional Rights of Canadians offering to help us.....THAT just floats my boat!!

Stay tuned for the continuing Saga of AS the Feathers Ruffle!!

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