Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Simple Things in Life...

So recently I was asked in a very serious tone......Well what do you want Kelly?? Oddly this took me back many years ago to another question that sent me on a personal quest. What do I want out of life?? Out of Love?? I think I essentially want what we all be loved. I started out my reply with.....I guess I'm a silly Girl who still believes in true love and wants it. Even after two major failed relationships and many smaller ones from my younger years.....I, Kelly still believe in love. I want to share my life with someone and grow old together. I want to rake leaves in the fall.....grow gardens in the summer and build snowmen in the winter. I want to share hot coco. I want to wake up next to the one I love everyday. I want Saturday morning Coffee and Sunday brunches. I want to drink wine while preparing a meal and discussing our busy days. I want to slow dance in the kitchen, kiss in the hot tub and get hugs from behind. I want to hold hands. I want vacations, family picnics and camp fires. I want to take our parents out for dinner instead of the other way around. I want to watch our kids succeed and rejoice in celebrations. It costs nothing. It sounds so simple. So why is it so hard to attain??? I guess I'm just a silly....naive girl who still believes in true love.

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