Thursday, September 30, 2010

Life on the Farm.

FINALLY!!!!! We are all moved and settled onto our very own farm!! And now the simple life commences??? *laffs* Since moving in, our septic has backed up....we've run out of water....and anything that could go wrong HAS gone wrong. *sigh* I would ask what else could go wrong but I'm afraid I just might find out.

So here we what??
We have uprooted and left our home, family and friends. We have abandoned our jobs and business to jump into the I seriously nuts?? So, I've worked very hard at knocking those little voices out of my head and have busied myself with unpacking and trying to clean up a neglected farm. Our first day moved in we wake up to find..........OUR CHICKENS LAID EGGS!!!! The first ever. How exciting is that??

Slowly we have cleaned and mended what we could and did our best to make it a home for the new arrivals. Shortly there after, our baby chicks arrived. YAY!!! Yesterday our piglets arrived as well and aside from being a little nervous all is right in their world!!! Last night my daughter came to me and said........I don't like farm animals, except chickens, pigs, horses and bunnies *laffin hard* I'm sure when the calves come she will like those farm animals as well. It won't be until AFTER she has to clean their pens that I'll hear.........I DON'T LIKE FARM ANIMALS!!!!!!! LOL

So as the house fell silent and night time fell upon us, my husband calls me to the back door and points out an entire tree of fire flies.........what a great sight. A sight that when paired with the sounds of crickets and frogs chirping, calmed those negative voices that have been nagging me since we arrived. Farm life is good........

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