Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Chickens off the Chopping Block....For Now

YAY!!!!!!! Another small victory. For now our chickens have a temporary stay. The town is going to get an opinion poll from the public to make their decision. I'm not sure how they go about doing that. What I do know is this......I WILL NOT QUIT FIGHTING!!! I was more then disappointed in our Mayor last night but was so thankful for the support his fellow members of council showed us. It was obvious by the comments made that our original letter and proposal was not even read when he spoke of chickens getting loose and running through the streets. Our chickens are properly housed and do not run amuck. Before the meeting even started my family and I overheard crowing and chicken jokes coming from the council meeting room. How very mature. When we were asked if we wanted to add anything I wanted to the way.....roosters crow....chicken cluck. We don't have any roosters.

Tonight we had 2 reporters come and interview us and took pictures of our "girls". I'm hoping that with more publicity will come more support. My daughter was over the moon excited and said she felt "famous". It is exciting but sad that we have to go through all of this to save our pets. They aren't hurting anyone....

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