Thursday, July 15, 2010

As a Believer in Darwin.

I am a firm believer in Evolution. I have been this way for as long as I can remember. Much to my Christian Mother's dismay I did a huge paper and debate on it in school. I never had any doubts. So it was no surprise when I grew up that I became a Pagan. I believe in mother nature in all her beauty. I consider myself to be a Naturalist of sorts. Although stuck in the era of technology I yearn for the day of old when things seemed so simple, when we were in harmony with nature. There are many inventions I am quite thankful indoor plumbing but I do long to go back in time. My dream is to homestead 100% of the time and live off the land but also...give back to her.

I do believe we are the fifth ape and we were meant to evolve in the brain area. Science has shown how our brains got larger and how we became more civilized. This is where my problems start. As a believer of evolution I also believe in natural selection. We are where we are because we survived. It seems so simple. However in my many ponderings I have come to a conflict which seems to only get worse the more I think about it.

I love science but I have come to a cross roads where science is concerned. I do not believe in modern medicine. While I am quite happy to have certain aspects of it I abhor other areas of it. Modern pharmaceutics are nothing but a pocket liner. They make society as a whole sicker and sicker and completely addicted and dependent on my opinion.

In the fast pace of our lives we eat crap....become crap and then take crap medicine to try to cure it. The reason this has come to the forefront for me is because I believe Darwin would trun over in his grave if he knew what modern medicine had become. His theory was and still is how NATURE took care of things all on its own. Modern Darwin believers spoke about the genocide and eugenics in Hitlers time and how some twisted the theory to excuse Man's behaviour. How is modern medicine any different?? I love to listen to Richard Dawkins speak. I love his theories and agree wholeheartedly on everything he says about evolution. This is where Richard Dawkins and myself part ways.

If nature is the cause of our evolution then how can scientists believe in such invasive procedures that modern medicine has?? I am happy we have surgeries and the know how to help. This is where my inner debate starts and has yet to end. I am completely against vaccinations. i think the toxins in which we inject into wee babies is asinine. I believe they cause more disease then the actual diseases we're inoculating against. Where do I draw this line?? How do I calm the inner arguement that is constant?

We have evolved so far to have the understanding of illness that enables us to save lives. So should we just accept that this is out destiny and do everything science tells us we should?? Or should we evolve further to know when it is we should stop intervening?? Darwins theory is all about survival and adaptation. How we evolved to carry on our genes. It is my opinion that science is tricking nature and creating a frankenstein type human. A Human that NEEDS medical intervention in order to survive.

We are not surviving on our own. The smallest of bugs are making us sick ten fold. I believe we have come this far because we adapted in ALL areas. Whether it be physical strength, kinship or brainiac OR perhaps all the above. I believe the latter. I don't think you have to be the nicest person...the strongest person...or the smartest person but combine all three and you have a superior. If you only have one of the three you are vulnerable. You may be the strongest but you might not know enough to stay away from danger. You may be the nicest but not know enough to see enemies coming. You may be the smartest but not strong enough to fight off harm. It seems to me that society has gotten to this point. We know alot but now we can't fight off any harm on our own.

So I am caught. While I believe in Science I don't accept their intervention into what I perceive as the perfect beings on earth. We have come so far that we believe we are smarter then Mother Nature and evolution itself.....such arrogance. I believe in natural food and natural immunity. Natural food is essentially very hard to find this day in age with all the chemicals and additives added to our food. Hence why homesteading would be ideal. This is where i think science has failed us. It saddens me to say that because science always opened up my mind and made me look at the world thru child awe and amazement. Now I look at the world and I think as I say often....."we have evolved so far that we have regressed". Man looks at animals and thinks we are superior to them but are we?? You do not see them dying from the diseases that man does unless of course they are domesticated. I think science has man best interest at heart but I fear it has gone far beyond that point. This "bigger better new" attitude has gotten us into a world of trouble. Yes modern science has helped save lives at times but at what expense.

I know this sounds like a cold and callus way of thinking but one must venture into the dark side to sometimes appreciate the light. Without medical intervention our immune system would evolve to fight off these ailments all on their own. Yes there will be casualties which is tragic. However.....with those casualties we evolve. We get stronger. Instead we are living longer but have no quality of life. By, (for lack of a better way) filtering out the weak, it leaves the strongest to evolve. As it sits now we have weak copulating with weak and producing an inferior species that will always need medical intervention. If nature was left to its own devices, only the superior would move forward to produce a species second to none.

Childhood diseases are a perfect example of this. Measles, german measles, chicken pox, mumps these were all harmless diseases. Was there death??? In some cases but rarely was there complications. And the person then had immunity to which they passed on to their children.....a type of evolution adaptation. With every disease we contracted and beat we became stronger.

Modern Medicine enters. Since the introduction of such medicines humans have slowly gotten sicker. We now NEED these needles to apparently overcome such disease. We might not get the measles but we are now getting chronic diseases never seen cenuries before, such as autism, ADD, ADHD, guillain barre syndrome, diabetes. Do I think medicine is the only contributing factor?? Absolutely not. I think it is our fast paced lives, our need for instant gratification, our greed, pollution, and modern medicine.

do I think we can solve it??? Well this is the other part of my internal argument. Are we seeing a shift in awareness because we are evolving?? Small groups who were once thought to be eccentric and unorthodox are now being proven correct. Are we polluting our earth with all our advances?? Is our industry which has taken us so far now pulling us back?? the discovery of fossil fuels advanced us so far but now we are learning that it is ruining us. New renewable energy sources are becoming popular....AGAIN. This is not new technology, solar power, wind turbines, water power....this is pioneer days on steroids. We are slowly realizing the error of our ways. So is it a far stetch to think if we failed in that area that maybe we failed in the medicine area as well???

Doctors and scientists and general masses of society disagree COMPLETELY with me. I am a quack. I am uneducated. I am a fear monger. I am ignorant. I have been called many more names but those are the most polite ones that I can put in print. I started a group called "Keep Talking....You're Making Us Famous". It is a group for the unorthodox. I don't go around trying to tick people off however I do manage to most everywhere I go. I am hoping that someday my eccentric way of thinking will suddenly become mainstream. After all it takes but that one brave soul to stand up against the masses and exclaim YOU ARE WRONG!!!!

I think humans are the most fascinating creatures and I do believe we will evolve more to realize the error and correct it. It might not be in my lifetime but I hope i am around to see it start. As far as the medical area it has started already. It is fought every step of the way but more and more, you see people, naturalists, saying no more. We will not put those toxins in our babies. We will not put those pesticides in our soil. We will not put those pollutants in our air. We will not put those steroids in our foods. We will not allow you to dump those chemicals in our water. Of course we (they) are called tree hugging freak hippies but that group is slowly getting bigger all the time. I'm not saying don't get that surgery or that broken bone set but perhaps if our lifestyles changed and the toxins and chemicals removed......we might not have the afflictions that we have in the first place.

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  1. Cold & Callus? No, very thoughtful. Nice post.