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As many of you know I am very anti-vaccination....and those who don't will be learning something new. I have been a Natural Health Consultant for years and try the best I can to live a simple "natural" life. Many know I even built a hydroponic sprouter so I could have fresh alive plants everyday. Sadly about 2 years ago I took it down due to mold. Still trying to perfect a venting system for it. I try my best to live as close to nature as possible in this very commercialized time. AS of late I've been debating on pro and anti-vax forums. I'm not even sure why there is still a debate when it should be a person's choice to vax or not to vax. Many of my friends use to think I was absolutely nuts but loved me in spite of my eccentricity. I was always different and most believed I had the strangest notions. Many thought I was just a lover of conspiracy theories and others (I think) thought I'd just outgrow these fantasies. Well.....I had a birthday yesterday and aside from my patience level not being what it use to be I think if anything I've become more passionate about these "NOTIONS". I myself was a vaccinated child and was healthy for most of my life. We lived on a farm tho so we always had fresh veggies from the garden which contained no pesticides or additives. We had fresh milk, meat and eggs. We were a very active family and I'm proud to say I was an avid athlete. My problems didn't start until into my adolecence and adulthood. My endocrine system was shot for whatever reason and my hormones are all over the map. How I conceived and carried my daughter is a mystery. I did know however that my children would never be vaccinated. I researched and read everything and anything I could get my hands on and much to my parents dismay stuck to that decision.

I stumbled across something recently that had to do with vaccines and the endocrine system because of my severe thyroid condition I of course sit up and take notice. Among other reasons I was so angry that this kind of information isn't given to parents. Why is it if vaccines are keeping us so safe are our children so sick??? Why is allergies and diabetes and hormonal problems on the rise?? Why is it Autism was never heard of before the 40's and 50's and now strikes down 1 in a thousand of our children?? Why are behavioural problems and attention problems in our youths an epidemic?? Has anyone ever wondered why we have so many Special Ed classes?? Why are our children so ill?? Have we traded childhood diseases for chronic diseases?? What is the big deal about childhood diseases??

Before mandatory vaccine programs came into effect most children contracted these childhood diseases and lived to tell about it. Diseases were actually on a decline when vaccines were set into motion due to better nutrition, better sanitation, etc. When do we say enough is enough?? The additives on our vaccines are highly toxic. Mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde are all highly toxic and lethal in the smallest amounts and yet we allow it to be injected into our babies. Amounts that by the EPA and FDA standards are for a 250 pound man let alone an average 8 pound baby. When I was a kid we had an average of 8 vaccines maybe a few more and now the vaccine list for 2008 (2009 pending) is at least 36 vaccines. Is this not alittle bit over the top?? These ingredients are known neurotoxins so why are we injecting this into our children?? People are afraid of secondhand smoke, but they’re OK with injecting the second worst neurotoxin on the planet in newborns

Has anyone ever read the package insert of a vaccine.....I mean really read it??? Had anyone ever been given one from their doctor?? Has anyone ever been explained the pros and cons?? Well I did some digging and I found a list of vaccines and at the end of each vaccine is a copy of the official package insert...I beg of you to read it. Parents just don't know whats in these needles. Forget the ingredients for one minute and let's talk about the mediums in which they are grown. Do parents know that these cultures are grown on Monkey kidney's, chick embryos, rabbit brains, calf serum, pig proteins and human aborted fetal tissues. Did you know thats in our childrens vaccines??

So because I'm the "conspiracy theory" girl has anyone ever wondered how HIV from Monkey's came to be in our population??? When i was school we had humorous theories as to how that happened but when you sit down to think about it....its scary. Using these other species DNA; how do they know what they are crossing over into??? Nowadays we are having more and more bird flus in our population and what are the consequences of injecting fetus tissue into our children which is someone else's DNA. I am not a doctor nor do I pretend to be one but are these questions not worth asking??? Should anyone be thinking I'm completely off my rocker here is the link to all the vaccine it for yourself. One of the known side effects was Diabetes Mellitus and Guillain-Barre Syndrome . Yup.....thats right. Let's forgo getting measles and have Diabetes the rest of my life.

With this info out there how can the Doctor's with a clear conscience say Vaccines don't cause harm to our children??? If this is true then why is there a Vaccine injury compensation fund?? Why has it paid out 1.8 BILLION dollars in compensation if these vaccines aren't causing damage??? How can they say there is no link to Autism when these toxic ingredients are KNOWN neurotoxins??? would we allow our kids to play with mercury...formaldehyde or antifreeze??? I doubt it.

So I guess I am an eccentric old broad who questions everything but if that keeps my kids safe.....then I'm happy to hold that title. Take a look at the inserts.....look even further on your own. I challenge you......PROVE ME WRONG. I hope I am wrong.....but i don't think I am!!!!!!!!!!


A link to prove the effect mercury has on our brains.

Update....actually my numbers were compleltely off for autism and the autistic spectrum. the numbers are more like 1 in every 60-100 depending on which site you go to.

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