Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Longing for the Simple Life....

When did life get so complicated?? Everything seems to move so quickly anymore that I feel like I have to run just to keep up. Why does it feel like i never catch up?? This weekend my family and I took a walk thru the past.....how wonderful it was. Everyone always says you shouldn't live in the past....how i wish I could just go back.

We took a walk thru Pioneer village this weekend and I found myself breathing alittle deeper....relaxing alittle more and smiling more then I have in ages. I wandered thru the houses wishing I could live the way they did....but of course with indoor plumbing!!! LOL The pioneers sure did have it all. As a whole, society thinks we are evolving and becoming more civilized when in actuality we have evolved so far that we've regressed.

We aren't self sufficient anymore.....we invent things so we don't have to do anything. How lazy is that??We have become so self involved that love thy neighbour means nothing. Never would anyone have to sit at the side of the road broken down and worry about whether someone would stop to help. I'm all for the woman being independant and not relying on a man to define who she is and the cost of living has made it so both parents NEED to work. Therefore the person who is the foundation of the family isn't there when the family comes home from work or school.

More time is spent infront of the TV or computer instead of sitting with family and talking. I use to get teased because I lived way out in the boonies as a kid. We only ever got a couple channels on TV and life for me was very simple. We rose with the sun and went down with the sun. My family was farmers and we grew our food, drank our own milk, and ate our own meat. We sat around after dinner and played crokinole or cards and spent QUALITY time with our families. The men worked hard and came home to a clean house, a hot meal, a loving wife and well behaved children.

We spent our time outside exploring full berry bushes, moss covered rocks and bugs. On winter weekends we made fiddle diddles cookies, hot chocolate and cut down our own x-mas tree. We use to take Sundays drives singing the entire time to stop and get a pop and sleep the rest of the way home. Where did this time go?? When did friends stop being friends?? I've lost a few friends in the last say five years. I think of them often and sometimes wish I could just reach out and hug them. The one thing I am is a good friend....I can say this without hesitation. I am loyal, caring and honest. I am however also opinionated and will not mince words when I have something to say. I can count my closest friends on one hand. We have loved, fought, defended and fought some more. In saying that tho even if we disagreed I never questioned their loyalty or love. I knew my thoughts, secrets and feelings were never in jeopardy because they were angry. THAT is a true friend. When did this change?? Nowadays it seems that friendships are disposable and based solely on clicks. The motto is keep your friends close but your enemies closer......well how do you distinguish between the two when the person you were just confiding in is now confiding your stuff to someone else.

So much has changed and it seems it changed overnight. Friends betray, family leaves and strangers stay strangers. Now if you say hello to someone on the street and they don't know you.....YOU ARE A WEIRDO!!!!!! I specifically recall an old boyfriend of mine making fun of me saying hi to everyone on the Go train in Toronto and wondering why they all stared at me so strangely. Yep...just a dumb old hillbilly. I miss my hillbilly family so desperately. Why do families have to move off so far away from home?? Jobs?? Schools?? I am one of those fortunate people to have a close knit family. This is a blessing in some ways and a curse in other ways. As I've *cough* aged I've realized we aren't here for as long as we think we are. The ones I hold nearest and dearest to me are not getting any younger. My sister and I just tonight were discussing how many loved ones we have lost in the last while and how much we've missed. Why did we miss anything?? Too busy?? Too far away?? When will we have the time to spend with the ones we love?? When its too late???

This has been a very nostalgic weekend for me. My brain is my worst enemy and as you can see by the time.....it is still working overtime. I wish I could just turn it off and make it stop.....forget my brain and just make the world stop. Society has become one big consumer. Consuming and eating everything in sight and not giving anything back. I remember the summer we had the big power outage....everyone was freaking out. I wasn't. I stopped and listened to the silence. What a wonderful sound. My neighbours and I joined eachother on the back deck, put our food together and enjoyed a huge feast by lantern light. We laughed and joked, rocked our babies and remembered old times. It was a fantastic time......one of my all time favourite memories. There was no noise, no traffic, everyone had to just STOP and WOW the stars shone so brightly and life was simple. Oh how I wish for a simple life.....

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