Monday, July 19, 2010


I don't understand Cheaters......

Infidelity is the ultimate insult.All it accomplishes is to leave your significant other feeling like an empty shell and with more insecurities then there is time enough to heal.

It leaves that person with such anguish as you publicly announced that "you are not enough" and "you are not worthy". It leaves the innocent party with the responsibility of picking up the pieces that you left behind.

How backwards is that??

the innocent party did nothing wrong except to love, trust and support your worthless lying selfish self. How dare you get off Scot free, to carry on like nothing has happened. To get up in the morning with a smile. To walk away like this life was disposable, while she drowns in an ocean of tears.

You are a total waste of skin.

Then it happens.........
One morning she wakes up and wonders "why am I crying?" To which she realizes, she is crying over NOTHING. Because thats essentially what you are.......nothing.

She will get up and soldier on. she will go thru the seemingly impossible motions of everyday life. Soon, she will look forward to getting up more then she looked forward to cocooning under her covers. she will do so with renewed vigour and lightness because she has purged and shed the essence of your insignificant worthless self.

Then, the inevitable happens - she will smile.

This smile will turn to laughter. this laughter will turn to joy. no longer will she concentrate on going thru the motions because they will just come with ease. she will remember all the things SHE loved to do.

As she rediscovers those "things" she fills herself up with more smiles, laughter, and joy, leaving no room for anguish - emptiness or insecurities. And from her tear filled cocoon emerges a beautiful butterfly.

then as it always happens, she will see you. With shaking knees she will smile.with her beautiful wings and her new found strength she will fly away.

Upon reflection, her eyes will fill with tears......NOT because she lost you but because she finally found herself.

AND......upon reflection, your eyes will fill with tears because you lost her and discovered your true self.


  1. What if you happened to stay??? Any word wise Bacher? I'm not being a dink I would truly value your opinion?

  2. Maggie, what do you mean what if you stayed?? I'm not sure I was more about being faithful instead of being an adulterous letch.

    Who exactly are you referring to, the cheater or the cheated?? Either way, it is completely up to the couple. This is something I doubt I would ever forgive. IF things are so bad in a relationship and it can't be worked out......leave, don't cheat. It is my opinion, relationships are too disposable these days, too easy to walk away. People don't even try anymore.