Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Uncontrollable Urge........

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I'm a wee bit annoyed with myself today. Yesterday I had this great idea to rip apart my kitchen counters to "IMPROVE" my sprouter functionality. It is bulky and takes up alot of counter space which could be used for better things. I'm annoyed because it isn't going as wonderfully as pictured in my head. I'm also annoyed because of why I get the urges to "improve" things.

From as far back as I could remember my parents have torn everything they've ever owned apart and made it theirs. Granted once finished it was "improved" and beautiful. My parents would buy a dilapitated old house and give it a facelift that would make anyone proud...not to mention a substantial increase in market value. This was wonderful because we always had a beautiful house to live in however once they accomplished their desired outcome the inevitable happened. ME MOVED.

So as I started into my teenage years the worst thing ever happened. I woke up one Saturday morning and had this urge to just move my bedroom furniture around......and the seed had been planted. It is a horrible thing when you realize you have become your parents!!!

This urge only got worse with me. For no particular reason I could get up from my favourite show and start moving furniture around. The worst scenario doesn't work and the furniture ends up in the exact place it started and all I've accomplished is wasting a few hours on moving my stuff around. My ex boyfriend use to get quite annoyed with my "tendancies". He was always afriad to walk into the house in the dark. He said I moved stuff around so much that it was DANGEROUS to do such a thing without lights on.

So this is my second day of "improving" my kitchen space. I tried to cook breakfast around it and got even more annoyed. I got so annoyed I called my parents on their cell to complain to them that it was their fault somehow. Dad of course was not very sympathetic. He quite frankly sounds to me like you did this to yourself. ARGH!!! I said well....I happen to know two people very close to me that made me this way!!! He came back know of ONE person who made you this way. I just happen to be the poor guy who does the work. Then it dawned on me that my husband went to work on a Saturday!!! Coincidence???? I think not.

So now I'm sitting infront of this computer complaining to anyone who will listen or rather read. Sad isn't it??!! So I thought I would remind myself WHY I do the things I do. I am doing this to improve my working area. I am doing this so I can grow wonderful organic greens all year long. I'm doing this to grow wheatgrass to add to my juicing regime. There....starting to feel better.

So I check my little darling greens and this cupboard is very cold. Oh no....that will not do!!! So on the hunt I go for a space heater. I find one nestled in the basement under junk to which I fight the urge to clean up. I hurry upstairs to save my little darlings. I plug it in....and ......NOTHING. Hmmmm......I wonder why this isn't working?? I must IMPROVE THAT!!! really is a sickness. So downstairs I go to find my tools. I now have a space heater ripped apart in the kitchen that is ripped apart and I'm surrounded by what resembles a junk yard.

My wonderful husband enters bearing gifts of timmys coffee. i know in his head he is thinking THANK GAWD I am not staying!!! I'd yell at him but he just brought a coffee to which my nerves need. So I clean the heater out and put it all back together. i plug it in and....VOILA....NOTHING. Then from the very depths of its SCARED mechanics that little fan starts to go round and round. It just didn't want me to rip it apart again. I smile.....SUCCESS. So I put it in the cupbaord to warm my little darlings and it runs for about 1 minute and turns off. Apparently its not as cold in there I thought as the sensor turned it off.

So I turn around and one swift swoop I move all the "junk" that was on the kitchen floor to the diningroom. See....if all else fails just spread your junk around!!! *laffs* Ah-ha......I can now see the kitchen floor again. While standing there admiring my "accomplishment" I notice we have tiny baby roots starting on the seeds we planted just 2 days ago. i call my daughter in to admire what was starting and she was as delighted as myself. A brief moment of acheivement and solid reinforcement of why I'm ripping my kitchen apart....which was brought abruptly to an end when we bonk our heads on the cupboard door and trip over the stuff in the diningroom..........and we're back. This is going to be a LONG DAY!!!!

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